What are these stories about ?

Land Of The Dead 2 Stories (Living Amongst The Dead)
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What are these stories about ?

Post by Dragosvr92 »

In About 2008, a guy named Demian,has started making a game based on the Crysis Engine,based on LOTD.

If you Dont know him, he has made the Machete from LOTD,Which became pretty popular :> He also made the AK-47 And the Styer Aug, together with a few other Weapons and one map which i cant think of at the moment... Maybe cosmo could remind me when he sees this.

As he needed a Story for his Game, Cosmo-Genesis has started wroting some. So Demian Started Making the Game...
In the End he gave up, as he didnt have enough time to work on it all by himself, and he quit.

After i've talked with Cosmo, he said he would like to Release them to the Public as the Game was dead anyways, so i have Asked Demian personally, if he agrees with that, and gave Cosmo the heads up to do so, after that i made the Forum for it.

Here are two Videos on How the Game was Looking like:

And here is the MOD on MODDB.COM
A description of the mod can also be found in this topic:
http://www.cryengine.com/community/view ... p?p=194047
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Re: What Are this Story's About ?

Post by cosmo »

hi guys

these LOTD 2 stories were written by me as background for a new game/mod that was going to be made by demian and a few others, the two main chars in the game would have been dalton and janet, accordingly they have the longer stories

the other smaller stories are merely background stories for other characters players would have encountered in the game

perhaps if we get enough members interested in the stories we could arrange for a group to try to make it ...
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