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Return of the Living Dead’s Tarman Gets Re-created in Photoshoot

Posted: 7 years 7 months ago (10 Jul 2016, 00:24)
by cosmo
Return of the Living Dead’s Tarman Gets Re-created in Photoshoot

" Some very dedicated fans with a lot of time on their hands have gone ahead and re-created Tarman from Return of the Living Dead in such meticulous detail that it looks like he could literally come to life (or living death or whatever) and start eating your flesh at any second.

The Horrify Me studio has a ton of other stuff that you can check out on their website.

From the Press Release:
UK-based horror photography studio HORRIFY ME has brought one of the most iconic zombies of all time back from the dead: TARMAN from Return of the Living Dead. Buckets of black toxic slime were put to very creative use in this extremely messy photoshoot. Model Lee Frost endured hours of disgusting makeup and sticky black glop and was left unable to see thanks to plastic eyeballs glued to his face. Cold, wet oily rags were tied all over his body, and then he was dumped into a very gross toxic barrel.

Artist and photographer Rick Jones of Horrify Me is renowned for making other people suffer for his art. Having already impaled a girl on a wooden stick (Cannibal Holocaust), subjected a model to hours of pins in her head (Hellraiser), and wrapping someone in old, filthy wrappings (The Mummy), this is just the latest in his series of shoots designed to express his passion for classic horror.

Tarman is a particular favorite at Horrify Me, and the opportunity to recreate him was priceless.

Makeup / special effects / lighting / photography / editing – Rick Jones (Horrify Me)
Makeup assistant – Claire Jones
Model – Lee Frost "

pictures here: ... hotoshoot/

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