Land of the Dead Collector’s Edition

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Land of the Dead Collector’s Edition

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Land of the Dead Collector’s Edition Coming from Scream Factory

" Land of the Dead: George A. Romero’s studio funded zombie masterpiece coming to Blu-ray in a 2-disc collector’s edition

Because of video games, the success of a film made from one of those video games (Resident Evil) and because of the spark of interest in zombie movies like 28 Days Later and the Dawn of the Dead remake, the man that made the REAL Dawn of the Dead got a surge of serious studio money to make his fourth and biggest living dead opus, Dead Reckoning… later changed to Land of the Dead.

Released in 2005, Land of the Dead won major critical acclaim for its typically sharp Romero social commentary as well as KNB’s awesomely grim special effects. But some fans of the original Dead films were left cold. 12 years later, Land has emerged as one of the best films of Romero’s career, a big, ballsy, weird and bloody tale of the have-nots (the zombies) rising up to eat the rich. It’s a blast.

Today, Scream Factory announced via their Facebook Page that they were celebrating the work of Romero and the legacy of Land of the Dead with a souped up 2-disc Blu-ray collector’s edition. The cover art (which will be reversible) is pictured above and the announced special features are as follows:

– The Blu-ray release will be branded as a “Collector’s Edition” (of course!) that will come with a slipcover (guaranteed for three months after its original release date.)

– The newly-commissioned front-facing artwork you see pictured comes to us from The CRP Group (Rabid, Firestarter, Serial Mom). The reverse side of the wrap will showcase the original theatrical poster art design.

– Bonus features & specs are still in progress and will be announced sometime in Sept, but we can confirm that this will be a 2-disc set and will include new extras plus the theatrical and unrated versions of the film.

Official street date is 10/24/17. However, if you pre-order now from the official Scream Factory site , you’ll get it two weeks earlier plus you’ll received a free 18” x 24” rolled poster of the newly-designed key art (while supplies last).

We adore Land of the Dead. Are you a fan? " ... am-factory
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