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by Dragosvr92
25 Sep 2023, 16:41
Forum: Work in progress
Topic: LOTD/Dead Epidemic weapon modify
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Re: LOTD/Dead Epidemic weapon modify

Nice. I cant spot the change on the glock. The DE glock does exactly what yours does if i remember correctly. The mounted gun exists in one or two multiplayer maps. But Not on a moving vehicle. Also BrainDead released the vehicles broken. Only Jacks car is somewhat useable in MP. The double minigun ...
by Dragosvr92
26 Aug 2023, 11:14
Forum: Forum Updates
Topic: Changing the domain name registrar
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Changing the domain name registrar

We had the same registrar since 2009-09-24, but since it raised the taxes too inexplicably much, i decided to move it to a more resonable one. At the old registrar yearly renewal is $21.99 the VAT $4.18 So $26.17 total. The new one is just 12.90EUR for a yearly renewal + plus the free transfer, VAT ...
by Dragosvr92
05 Aug 2023, 22:27
Forum: Anniversaries
Topic: Happy Birthday to Cosmo !
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Happy Birthday to Cosmo !

Even though the game community is pretty much gone and we arent frequenting the forum as often... :z7:

I wish to comemorate this day and wish you a happy birthday mate ! 🥳🎉
by Dragosvr92
28 Jul 2023, 16:26
Forum: General LOTD Support
Topic: land of the dead game wont save game
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Re: land of the dead game wont save game

The game wont let you save or load the save...? Whichever it is, the only fix i can think of is to overwrite your game files with the main game files. Also, i think it helps if you dont use spaces in your game name.
by Dragosvr92
12 Jun 2023, 11:26
Forum: Download Maps and Mods
Topic: Unrealed Patch for Vista10
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Re: Unrealed Patch for Vista10

I listed the missing .dll files in the message you quoted. How have you tried...? Just turn off the music volume and the editor will work fine. I put links to the Editor patch before your first post... Using the DOTZ Editor will most probably cause problems as it has different files. Its a different...
by Dragosvr92
21 May 2023, 08:18
Forum: Download Maps and Mods
Topic: LOTD Maps-Mods-Fixes & Updates
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Re: LOTD Maps-Mods-Fixes & Updates

somebody here? i just download that V1.1 patch. how do i install that thing? :| :| :| being tortured by that lit program all night long Unzip it, open the install file, check if the install path/directory is the same as where your game is... Install. Or just unzip the specific folders/files and pas...
by Dragosvr92
05 May 2023, 16:56
Forum: General LOTD Support
Topic: weird mouse deadzone-ish type issue
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Re: weird mouse deadzone-ish type issue

I only noticed this behaviour when solving the 21 general error where the game isnt playable in full screen without setting ReduceMouseLag to False . But i cant even reproduce the error anymore in W10. There is no known fix besides running the game in Windows XP.... Or playing the game in a Window a...
by Dragosvr92
14 Mar 2023, 13:19
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Suggestion I want to make on the forums
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Re: Suggestion I want to make on the forums

Hello and thank your for posting ! We have a Media section but it is related to Movies, Artwork, Comics, Music and zombie related stuff. Not LOTD specifically. I suppose your post would fit into the LOTD Game Servers forum or General Gaming . I could make a new forum section for this, but the forum ...
by Dragosvr92
05 Mar 2023, 16:42
Forum: IT
Topic: Search bar not working in Windows 10
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Search bar not working in Windows 10

If you cant type in the Windows 10 search bar do the following. Paste this command in the Windows address bar or Run. %SYSTEMROOT%\System32 Locate ctfmon.exe, right click it and click Send to... Desktop(create shortcut) Copy the desktop shortcut and go to %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\P...